Monthly Archives: August 2011

My first post

Hi, my name is Rebecca Truesdale, and I grew up in Nyack, New York.  My parents were antiques dealers so think of my early life as one continuous Antiques Road Show.  My passion has always been medicine, and right now I’m a nurse at Nyack Hospital, but I will be graduating from Columbia Medical School very soon.

As if I’m not busy enough, I also work at ParGenTech in Tarrytown.   Call me crazy but I just love researching tropical diseases and parasites.

My personal life: (what personal life?) amicably divorced, don’t date nearly enough, but I would like to have a family someday if I can find the time.  I love being outdoors hiking, cycling, shooting (targets only, wouldn’t dream of hurting animals) and just about anything on or in the water.

Life is good, and I know it will only get better!